Kate Barnwell - Poetry

Stuck in Song

I saw you today but I can't say hello

I'm too shy to greet you and tell you so


I've taken a walk through time and through space

And yet where you stand is the hardest place


I imagine long days of immeasurable bliss

How much of the day is spent thinking like this


I gathered with crowds and stared at you there

I've waited at doors, sat in rooms if I dare


I sent you letters then flowers divine

And wishing for you as eternally mine


But now you've become so wanted, I find

Harder to reach, and of me, still so blind


In a song I can choose all the best words

Perhaps you will listen, and I will be heard


But you have another somebody there

Who takes your hand and ruffles your hair


And if someday you do turn to me

For I never left this spot you see


And with all your love and modesty

For passions drive us senselessly

In this world so great to be

Not fractured, but show fragility

And have honour in humility


So lean in and listen for there is a tune

Dancing in the open sky, beyond a yellow moon


But what will you know and what will you care?

My words stuck in song are lost to the air



Play Pause


Read by Teresa Gallagher

from III Love

Ever Truly Yours