Kate Barnwell - Poetry

Soft Words


From every kiss you gave me, every look you passed to me

I felt my heart lift and my face smile

And all the while you were away

I prayed for the next day

When you would come back for me

And I could tell you how missed you'd been

Your voice, your hands, your heart-shaped lips

To whisper how hard life can seem

As I watch you hold me in my dreams

Longing for you to say slowly

That I need never leave and you would never go

I will feel warm again; your soft words will never end

And you would fend for me, take on what was unforeseen

Let clouds close on this melting scene

Where you show with all honesty

How we were meant to be.


You may never come to realise

What you have made me be

I am a dreaming soul sublime

Whose heart is lost to thee



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Read by Teresa Gallagher


A Collection of Poems & Lyrics