Kate Barnwell - Poetry

My Love for You


My love for you is spelt in stars

Is weaved by threads in tapestries.

On fruits the dimples of their flesh

Show prints upon their dewy skins

To declare in blushing comfort

What my heart so gladly brings.

As clouds know of a deeper blue

Skies cradle birds to swell the view


My love for you burns candle-bright

Is shown by everlasting flowers,

They stretch from field to weathered beach

To sway in never-ending hours.

And milky, silk shells tell the time

Of aging seas; their worldly powers

As oceans call on other shores

My love's perfection strengthens more


Washed by rivers that pass through trees

As pure as each new century.

For you, love lies beyond the pen,

Surpassed by an impassioned verse

Let me pause these fleeting days

To keep our presence undisturbed.

Come life, come love and so be true

Eternal is my love for you.



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Read by Victoria Hamilton

from I POEMS

Ever Truly Yours