Kate Barnwell - Poetry

Golden Throne


If I made you out of soft sandstone

      Mould you fine

        And bring you home

To sit beside me

   On a golden throne

A smile for a laugh

    A line for a lie

The face can turn

     But cannot hide

To sit beside me

  As years fall by

On a golden throne

          You and I.


Now all I see is icy stone

Vain and bitter

      Callous bones

The masquerade is all your own

Your credits, your praises

    Your great self-esteem

Jewels of pride in a fantasists' scheme


Life chips away

      Crumbling with sighs

A thin veneer exposed

    To my sad, tricked eyes

I grieve, at the damage of deception.


I sat beside you, and watched you die

On pitted throne,

        reigned in acid lies.



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Read by Victoria Hamilton

from I POEMS

Ever Truly Yours