Kate Barnwell - Poetry

Four Days with You


In those four days with you

I lived a year

No details, no consequence

I regained my real self

And in doing so took back my life.


What you gave me was love and meaning

Steeped in sensitivity and strength

Qualities re-founded, unearthed


How I wanted to leave,

To just go, to join you

Without regret or shame.

I could turn out the light,

Walk out the door

For I know I have never loved anyone, more


Yet I could not turn my back

On those I had created,

Who needed me.


You helped me to survive this path

I thank you for that.

For us, tomorrow will always be

Where life takes you away


In body and in soul

I have been adored.


I keep close every single thought

Of those days we spent together

Each one, two, three and four.


It's not the fear of the destination

But the impossibility of the journey.



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Read by Tim Woodward

Ever Truly Yours