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'A Worldly Tale Told Of Mothy Chambers'

Kate Barnwell is a creative writer of modern, romantic poetry and lyrics.

Her work reflects a desire to touch the soul; find new and beautiful ways to enhance and describe life.

It is for this imagination and language that over the years people have turned to poetry and lyrics for a source of shared understanding.

“...Quite wonderful! Dreamy, poignant, longing, pre-Raphelite, and as romantic as ever... She gives us a feast for the senses but also diversity and layered vision.”

Richard Sumner - Historian, writer & broadcaster

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Reading by Tim Woodward

New for 2016 is the publication of Kate's latest literary venture writing as K.G.V. Barnwell.

The Case of Aleister Stratton is a novella in the best sense. A tightly written, fast moving story with a cult feature of dream manifestation and the frightening power of the mind.

Experience how good and evil cross from thought to reality as dramatic events weave the reader into this richly described drama.

Find out more at www.aleisterstratton.com

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“My favourite themes are Love, Romance and Romanticism which are forever fascinating, timeless and resourceful subjects.

I attained a Cambridge Fine and Decorative Arts Diploma with Christies in Central London. History of Art has had a profound impact on my work and my observations on life and the beauty of language and description.

I also love to travel extensively, meet and talk to new people and see life from many perspectives. I can often feel restless and I think writing has been a great source of expression and allowed me to act as many people in my own style.

I hope to create a new, wonderful choice of lines, verse and rhythm for everyone, so all generations may continue to enjoy the benefits of life in poetry when no other form can quite express what one feels and thinks. Poetry offers respite in a busy and often emotionally inarticulate world.

I have had my poetry read professionally by top British actors and produced two CDs to accompany the 2 books. Having poetry read aloud takes it to a whole new level of emotion.

I have also written lyrics for international composers; recorded five songs and had these works performed at festivals in England and Japan.”